• Adam Levine

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Adam Levine is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and host. He is the leader singer for the band Maroon 5 and Los Angeles pop rock. He has been one of the coaches on The Voice since 2011. Adam has had three of his singers win, coming from the first, fifth, and ninth seasons. Music isn’t his only talent, as he did some acting for the TV show American Horror Story: Asylum. Another role he had as an actor was in the film, Begin Again.

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    Adam Levine Hobbies

    He enjoys doing yoga and loves listening and writing music. Adam enjoys yoga so much that he uses it to replace weightlifting.

    Adam Levine Religion

    He says he is Jewish but considers himself more spiritual. Although he’s Jewish he says that he has “rejected formal religious practice for a more generalized, spiritual way of life”. Even as a child he chose not to have a Bar Mitzvah. Both his father and maternal grandfather are Jewish, but his maternal grandmother was protestant.

    Adam Levine Political Views

    He is a Democrat. He has liberal views and is a big supporter of the LGBT community. His brother is openly gay so this has been an issue he has always cared about. Adam also says he is a big fan of Barack Obama.

    Who is he dating?

    Adam Levine is currently married to Behati Prinsloo. She is a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. They have been married for 2 years. In the past he has dated quite a few celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, Jane Herman, and Maria Sharapova.

    Random Facts

    Adam has his own fragrance line which he started in 2013. He also signed a deal with K-Mart and ShopYourWay.com to get his menswear collection developed. During that sime period, he also was the owner of 222 Records. It was estimated that in that year alone, he earned more than $35 million dollars. Not bad for a singer!