• Alessia Cara

    Last updated: February 13, 2018

    Alessia Cara, whose birth name is Alessia Caracciolo, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She was born on July 11, 1996 in Brampton, Ontario. Alessia began her public career when she was 13 years of age by launching a YouTube channel on which she performed covers of songs. Five years after, in 2014, Alessia signed a record deal. She has won acclaim for her R&B hits like “Here”, “Wild Things” and “Scars to Your Beautiful”.

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    Alessia Cara Religion

    As a teenager Alessia attended Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School in Brampton. (1)  This may suggest that her family is Catholic. However, it’s not certain if she still practices the Catholic faith religiously.

    Culturally, she is very in touch with her Italian roots, with a very strict father. Her father travels with her almost everywhere she goes.

    Alessia Cara Hobbies

    She enjoys writing poems and playing guitar. Her hobbies include painting, drawing and making crafts. She also spent a lot of time in high school with her drama classes.

    Alessia Cara Political Views

    She has a liberal perspective when it comes to political issues. She thinks women should have positive body images and be self accepting. She is big into women’s rights and supports equality for all.

    Random Facts

    Alessia taught herself how to play the guitar when she was 10.

    She was very shy and discovered from her Youtube videos where she posted covers of songs.

    Alessia was accepted to University but took a year off to focus on her passion, music.

    She writes down all the good things that happen to her and puts them in a jar which she reads at the end of the year.

    Who is she dating?

    At the moment it appears she is still single. She hasn’t been married before and currently there don’t appear to be any rumors about any possible relationships.


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