• Alexis Arquette

    Last updated: September 26, 2016

    Alexis Arquette was an American actress and activist. Alexis was born Robert Arquette on July 28, 1969. In her late thirty’s, she transitioned from male to female. She is famous for her great role that she played as a human rights activists and as a fighter for the rights of transgender people. She died on September 11, 2016.

    alexis arquette religion

    Alexis Arquette Religion

    Arquette’s mother, Brenda Olivia Nowa, was Jewish. Her father, Lewis Arquette, was a Christian to Muslim convert. Since she used to spend a great deal of time with her mother, Alexis grew up mostly following the Jewish religion. However, later in life, she changed from being religious to being Agnostic.

    Alexis Arquette Political Views

    Before her death in September 2016, Alexis was a notable Democrat. In a 2014 interview with Gay Star News, Alexis is quoted to have said that she had voted for Barack Obama during the 2008 general elections. In the same year, in an interview with Out Magazine, Alexis said that she would never dream of voting Republican, mostly due to the party’s transphobic stance. She was fiercely liberal and believed in the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community.

    Alexis Arquette Hobbies

    Alexis Arquette was a notable trans rights activists. She was also a talented actress having appeared in several films such as “She’s Madonna”. When she was not in the studio filming, she enjoyed volunteering at LGBTQ Youth Centers, swimming and reading romantic novels.

    Who is she dating?

    Several tabloids had claimed that Alexis was dating the transgender star Chaz Bono. However, neither Alexis nor Chaz confirmed this. Although she was not married by the time she died, she had been dating a fellow actor, Robert Dunpont.

    Random Facts

    Alexis died from HIV related complications at age 47. A day after her death, a sex tape featuring her was leaked to the Internet by an unnamed ex-lover. She was a key inspiration to Chaz Bono’s transition.