• Amy Landecker

    Last updated: November 1, 2016

    Amy Landecker is an American theater and screen actress. In terms of screen acting, she delves into both film and television. She is best known for her role in films like A Serious Man, Project Almanac, and All is Bright. Her most notable television projects include Clear History, Revenge, and Transparent. Amy was born in Chicago, Illnois on September 30, 1969. She hails from an entertainment bloodline. Her father John Records Landecker is a Chicago radio host. The talented actress was fairly unknown to the world until she started screen acting at the age of 38. She had been concentrating on stage acting ever since childhood. It was at 38 years of age that she moved to Los Angeles from Chicago and began trying her hand at screen.

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    Amy Landecker religion

    Not much is known about Amy Landecker’s religion as she hasn’t talked much on this subject. Her paternal grandfather is however known to have been Jewish.

    Amy Landecker Political Views

    Amy’s political leaning is also not known. She has never showed any open support for any of the two leading parties in the U.S.

    Amy Landecker Hobbies

    Amy enjoys spending her spare time relaxing with loved ones or going on trips if her busy schedule allows her. She also engages in writing.

    Who is she dating?

    The actress is currently in a relationship with her Transparent co-star Bradley Whitford. The pair became an item in early 2015. Amy was married to journalist Jackson Lynch for six years until their marriage ended in a divorce in 2011. The two have a daughter from their estranged marriage. Amy has also previously dated Larry David whom she met on the set of Revenge.

    Interesting facts about Amy Landecker

    Amy made $10,000 the first time she did a voiceover for a television commercial. It was a Tampax ad. Amy was impressed by the money and from then on couldn’t stop doing voiceovers. Amy is the grandchild of lawyer Joseph N. Welch.