• Amy Schumer

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Amy Schumer is a stand up comedian and actress. Amy is known for creating the sketch comedy series called Inside Amy Schumer. She has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards. She has won the Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2015. She also starred in “Trainwreck”, which was nominated for two Golden Globes in 2016.

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    Amy Schumer Hobbies

    Besides stand-up comic and actress, Amy is also a writer, producer and director. She does still find the time to eat healthy and work out. She has made it clear that a healthy lifestyle is important to her. Amy also really enjoys horseback riding.

    Amy Schumer Religion

    Amy was raised in a Jewish household with her younger brother and sister. She admits that she didn’t feel comfortable or accepted in Judaism. In the early days of her career she faced a lot of anti-Semitism and was even called “Amy Jewmer” by people in her social circle. In college Amy started to move on from her uneasiness, though she would still carry residual shame throughout her life.

    Amy Schumer Political Views

    Amy’s been a longtime fan of Hillary Clinton. She is also related to Chuck Schumer, the United States Senator from New York. After the 2015 Lafayette shooting, which killed two people during a showing of Amy’s film “Trainwreck”, Amy became very outspoken in the fight for gun control. She joined Chuck Schumer in calling for stricter gun control and increased mental health funding.

    Personal Life

    Amy is currently dating Chicago furniture designer Ben Hanisch. Her previous partners included professional wrestler Nick Nemeth and comedian Anthony Jeselnik.

    Amy Schumer Random Facts

    Amy is actually fluent and can communicate using sign language. When she was in highschool she was voted “Class Clown” and “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare”. As weird as it sounds she also use to be a toe model. Yes, that actually does exist.