• Andrew Lincoln

    Last updated: February 10, 2017

    Andrew Lincoln or Andrew James Clutterbuck is an English actor. He was born and raised in London. He is well known for his role as Rick Grimes on the show The Walking Dead (2010-Current). Andrew’s first role as an actor was in the UK series, This Life. This led to him landing roles in movies like Love Actually and Teachers.

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    Andrew Lincoln Political Views

    Since he is British, he doesn’t talk much about American politics. In a poll conducted by The Hill, Andrew Lincoln was listed as one of the favorites by Republicans. This might suggest that he has some conservative leaning views or that conservatives just really like The Walking Dead and his character.

    Andrew Lincoln Hobbies

    Andrew is a big fan of history and jokes that it “turns him on”. He also really enjoys acting and getting into character. For one of his previous roles Andrew went to work with his brother, who was a teacher, to learn more about playing his role. As far as The Walking Dead, he wants to continue with his role as long as possible.

    Andrew Lincoln Religion

    It’s not confirmed what religion he is but family values are very important to him. He describes having his children as a big revelation and it changing his life. We will continue to update his beliefs if we discover anything new. If you know of anything feel free to comment below!

    Who is Andrew Lincoln Dating?

    Andrew is currently married to his wife, Gael Anderson. They have been married since 2006. Together they have a son an daughter. Below is a picture of Lincoln and Gael.
    gael anderson andrew lincoln dating married

    Random Facts

    In the UK, Lincoln’s voice is well known as his does a lot of television and radio advertising. This also includes doing the voice of documentaries. His mother is South African. He is good friends with his co-star Norman Reedus who is also on the Walking Dead.