• Andrew Luck

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Andrew Luck is an American quarterback for the National Football League. Currently he is the QB for the Indianapolis Colts. He attended college at Stanford University where he played football. He was selected first overall in the 2012 NFL draft. He was born in Washington DC but spent a lot of time in London where he picked up his love for soccer.

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    Andrew Luck Religion

    Andrew is very private about his beliefs but he seems to not be religious. He hasn’t made any references to his religion or to God in his interviews. He isn’t active on social media and is reported to still have a flip phone.

    Andrew Luck Hobbies

    Andrew loves reading, watching, playing soccer. He loves reading about historical fiction and especially loves the book, Papillion. He studied Architecture when he was in college. He said that if he didn’t make it in the NFL that he would be building NFL stadiums.

    Andrew Luck Political Views

    Andrew Luck appears to be independent, not being vocal about his political views. He is however very passionate about the environment. His father was a Republican but it appears that getting a college education in California has kept his political views more moderate. He also has traveled the world a lot which most likely has kept him open minded.

    Who is he dating

    Andrew Luck is currently dating gymnast Nicole Pechanec. They met each other at Standard University and have been dating since 2009.

    Random Facts

    Andrew Luck is incredibly smart on and off the field. He got straight A’s at his high school and graduated from Standford University with honors. He isn’t on social media and doesn’t even have a smart phone. He believes that a phone should be for calling and texting. He also doesn’t want to get lost spending time on social media.