• Angelina Jolie

    Last updated: November 30, 2016

    Angelina Jolie is an American actress and filmmaker. She was born on June 4th, 1975 in Los Angeles, California.  She is also known for being an activist and humanitarian. She is an Academy Award winner, three-time Golden Globe Award winner, and two-time Screen Actors Guild Award winner. Jolie made her debut on the silver screen in Lookin to Get Out with her father, Jon Voight in 1982. Girl Interrupted (1999) earned Angelina her Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.

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    Angelina Jolie Religion

    Angelina was raised Catholic but doesn’t identify with any religion. She and Brad Pitt adopted their son Maddox whose heritage stems from Cambodia. She claims that he is a Buddhist and is raising him with exposure to monks and their practices. She says he is learning a lot and tattooed a prayer for perfection for Maddox on her upper back. The prayer is in Khmer Script and Jolie asked for it to be written in Buddhist Sanskrit.  She had this to say when asked if there was a god, “Hmm… For some people. I hope so, for them. For the people who believe in it, I hope so. There doesn’t need to be a God for me. There’s something in people that’s spiritual, that’s godlike. I don’t feel like doing things just because people say things, but I also don’t really know if it’s better to just not believe in anything, either.”

    Angelina Jolie Political Views

    When Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims earlier this year, Jolie responded with, “America was built on people from around the world coming together for freedoms, especially freedom of religion so it’s hard to hear this is coming from someone who is pressing to be an American president.” She apparently is a distant cousin of Hillary Clinton and she likely voted for her to be president. Trump may have heard Angelina’s comment because he said in an interview with Larry King, “I understand beauty and she’s not a great beauty by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t even find her attractive.” Then he said, “She’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby”.

    Angelina Jolie Hobbies

    Angelina likes to people watch, collect daggers, read, travel, and get new tattoos.

    Who is She Dating?

    The high profile actress is in the process of divorcing fellow superstar, Brad Pitt. It has been a messy split with Angelina accusing Pitt of infidelity and abuse of their child, Maddox. The facts are uncertain and questions are arising about who she is with now. The latest news suggests she is heading towards a romantic relationship with Johnny Depp. He is also going through a divorce with wife, Amber Heard. A friend of Depp stated, “All of Johnny’s friends are expecting things to turn romantic between him and Angelina sooner than later,”

    Random Facts

    Jolie has been estranged from her father for long periods in her life. In 2001 the two seemed to patch their dysfunctional relationship up. The attempt eventually failed and Angelina changed her surname Voight to her middle name, Jolie. She stated that she had a very ‘sexual kindergarten,’ “I was a member of a group called the Kissy Girls. I created a game where I would kiss the boys and give them cooties. Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off. I got in a lot of trouble!” She started having sex at 14 with her mother’s blessing. The alternative was being reckless in the streets. She said the sex ‘wasn’t enough’ so she grabbed a knife and cut her boyfriend and he reciprocated. At 20 years old Jolie had done just about every drug out there as well.