• Annie LeBlanc

    Last updated: November 12, 2019

    Annie LeBlanc is a famous America YouTuber and singer and a former amateur gymnast. She has cultivated her online persona since three years of age when her parents posted videos of Annie on the family’s YouTube channel Bratayley. As Annie grew older and entered her teens she launched her own channel Acroanna. She is a budding actor and pursuing more acting work outside of the web series Chicken Girls.

    Born on December 5, 2004, Annie is a Sagittarius. Annie is a nickname that she uses for her public image; her birth name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc.

    Annie LeBlanc her religion and beliefs

    Annie LeBlanc – Her Religion

    Annie is a Christian. She stated this in a January 2019 video when she was asked the question of her religious beliefs from a fan. Annie also explained that while she adheres to Christian, her family is non-denominational. (1)


    Annie LeBlanc – Her Family & Relationships

    Annie’s parents are Katie and Billy LeBlanc. Her father was in the Navy when Annie was born. (1)

    She had two siblings: an older brother named Caleb, and a younger sister named Hayley. Caleb passed away at the age of 13 from a heart condition.

    As of 2019 Annie is seeing actor Asher Angel.


    Annie LeBlanc – Hobbies & Personal Interests

    • Her favorite animal is a horse.



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