• Ariana Grande

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    What does Ariana Grande believe in? What does she do for fun, what religion does she follow, and what’s her workout routine. Also see who’s she dating and what happened with her relationship with Justin Bieber.

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    Ariana Grande Religion

    Ariana grew up Catholic but has recently left the church because of how the church responded to her brother, Frankie after he announced he was gay.  “When my brother was told that God didn’t love him I was like, ‘OK, that’s not cool.'”

    “They were building a Kabbalah centre in Florida so we both checked it out and really had a connection with it.”

    Now they are both practicing members of the Kabbalah sect of Judaism and Grande has stated how her faith has changed her.

    Ariana Grande Political Views

    Grande voted Democrat in the 2012 election and is very vocal about certain subjects like gay rights and equal rights in general. She stands firmly against bullying and is a positive role model for young people.


    Ariana is a Cancer born on June 26, 1993.

    Ariana Grande Hobbies

    She loves music obviously, but also watching movies and swimming. And she LOVES shopping!

    Workout Routine

    Grande attributes her fit figure to an elliptical cardio workout but mainly her dance rehearsals in heels is how she really stays in shape.

    Ariana Grande’s Beliefs on Gay Marriage

    Ariana has a brother who is gay whom she loves dearly, and has publicly supported gay marriage and gay rights through twitter on several occasions. She looks up to her brother and has even left the Catholic religion as mentioned above due to its response to her brother announcing his orientation.

    Who is Ariana Dating?

    Ariana is currently single. She was with a named Ricky Alvarez after splitting with Big Sean. She was caught making out with him in a doughnut shop! There have been rumors about what’s been going on with her and Justin Bieber. They both have recently ‘unfollowed’ each other on Twitter and Instagram. She revealed to a reporter that there’s nothing going on between the two of them and they haven’t spoken for months.

    Random Facts About Ariana

    She has SIX dogs! They’re named Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, and Sirius Black. (Sirius is named after a character in her favorite movie/book series, Harry Potter.)

    Top Social Media Followers

    Ariana Grande only has two people that have more followers than her on Instagram! (Not including Instagram itself). As of August 2016, she has over 80 million followers.

    Famous Quote

    “Be happy with being you. Love your flaws. Own your quirks. And know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.”