• Bobby Moynihan

    Last updated: October 8, 2017

    Robert “Bobby” Moynihan is an American actor and a former main cast member of Saturday Night Live from 2008 to 2017He was born on January 31st, 1977 in Eastchester, New York. He attended Eastchester High School and then went on to receive a degree in Theater from the University of Connecticut. Bobby has made many appearances in films, and he has a long list of celebrity impressions. He is currently starring on the TV sitcom My, Myself & I.

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    Bobby Moynihan Religion

    Like the rest of the SNL cast, Bobby is very open-minded and quick to bash anything that is out of sync with current politics. Furthermore, there is no reputable information that suggests Bobby is religious.


    Bobby Moynihan Political Views

    Bobby posted a photo on Twitter of him holding a sticker that said “I voted” the day of the election.  Underneath the photo, he had written “What a lovely day. Go Vote! #I’m with her.” That sounds to us like he’s a Democrat.(2)

    However, he may be a moderate liberal or with conservative and/or Republican beliefs. Speaking on a morning talk show in September 2017, Moynihan was asked why he left the cast of SNL. “[Last season] was just a different season,” he said. “It was very politics heavy, very Trump heavy and that’s not necessarily my favorite.” (3)

    Bobby Moynihan Hobbies

    The R2D2 in a trailer for SNL’s version of Star Wars was not only provided by Bobby, but he also built it himself.(4)


    Who is He Dating?

    Bobby tied the knot with actress Brynn O’Malley in August 2016. They have a baby girl born in July 2017.

    Random Facts

    • It took Bobby two auditions to get a spot on SNL. Between the first and second audition was a 14-month-span where Moynihan moved back home to an apartment across the street from his mother.When he got the news from Lorne Michaels, he had to tell his mother.”I ran across the street [to his mother’s office] in boxers and a T-shirt — didn’t even think to put pants on — and ran across the street to my mom and told her that my life’s dream had come true.”(5)


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