• Cameron Dallas

    Last updated: July 22, 2018

    Cameron Dallas is an American online influencer who gained stardom on YouTube and Vine before launching acting and singing careers. He is currently starring in the Netflix series Chasing Cameron. He’s also signed a record deal with Columbia Records (1).

    Born on September 8, 1994 in Whittier, California, his zodiac sign is Virgo. His middle name is Alexander.

    Cameron Dallas beliefs religion relationships


    Cameron Dallas – His Religion

    While Cameron hasn’t confirmed what sort of religion he follows, he has sent out tweets that indicate he does believe in God.





    Cameron Dallas – His Politics

    On this subject Dallas is very secretive to pick a side. The closest we came to discovering a mention about his politics is when Cameron sent out this tweet just after the 2016 presidential election:


    Cameron Dallas – His Relationships

    Dallas was raised by his single mother, Gina, and has an older sister named Sierra.

    He once described his ethnic background as 50% Scottish, 25% German and 25% Mexican. (2)


    Cameron Dallas – Quotes

    “When someone says something negative to me, I get the biggest smile on my face and laugh at them. Because weak people judge others.”

    “I’m the type of boyfriend that isn’t afraid to go do sh*t for you… you’re my girlfriend. I’m going to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to see a smile on your face.”



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    Photo by Disney/ABC Television Group. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.