• Cara Buono

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Cara Buono is an American actress, director and screenwriter. She is best known for her e role as Dr. Faye Miller in the 4th season of the AMC drama series, Mad Men. Buono was born in New York City and came from a blue-collar family. She has a sister and two brothers. She graduated from Columbia University majoring in Political Science and English. After graduating, she made her debut in acting in a Harvey Fierstein play called Spook House.

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    Cara Buono Religion

    Cara Buono is Catholic. She isn’t too open about her religion but she was born and raised Catholic. Whenever she receives awards or nominations she always thanks God.

    Cara Buono Political Beliefs

    She rarely comments on matters that deal with politics. She has however commented that she is not a fan of politics and actually hates them in general. This is probably why she doesn’t bother to share her political views.

    Cara Buono Hobbies

    Cara likes listening to music, hiking, watching romantic movies, playing video games and spending time visiting places in the US and Caribbean.

    Who is Cara Buono Dating?

    She is married to Peter Thum. They have been married and living together for five years. While there has been speculation about her divorce with Peter Thum on alleged infidelity, there have never been facts to point out whether it is a fact or fiction.

    Famous Quote

    “Acting has always been my passion and I will continue to do it I until I get old”.

    Beliefs on Gay Marriage

    She is rarely involved in matters of civil rights, whether gay marriage or any other matter.

    Random Fact

    In the year 2015, she made over $8 million from appearing in movies and TV shows