• Carson Wentz

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Carson Wentz is an NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a superstar quarterback at North Dakota State University. He led his team to 5 consecutive National Championships. This is an FCS record for the most National Championships won in a row. He was selected as the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft. He was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles and has started and won his first two games.

    carson wentz religion political views

    Carson Wentz Religion

    Carson is Christian and is very religious. He is often tweeting things like, “God is great”, and says his faith is where he gains strength for football. If he wasn’t playing football he would be working at a ministry and spreading the word of God.

    Carson Wentz Political Views

    Carson leans conservative when it comes to politics. His father calls his son a “young conservative man”. Carson is also pro second amendment. His values and faith suggests that he would vote for the Republican party.

    Carson Wentz Hobbies

    Carson is a big hunter and says it’s his favorite hobby. He also enjoys listening to music and using Twitter. He says he gets his news from Twitter since he doesn’t have cable. Last but not least he enjoys spending time with his golden retriever, Henley.

    Who is Carson Wentz dating?

    He is currently dating Melissa Uhrich. They met in high school and have been dating ever since. Carson makes an effort to visit and spend time with her as much as possible.

    Random Facts

    Carson’s father was a football player at Northern state and was a line backer. His brother also attended North Dakota State but played baseball as a pitcher. It seems like being an athlete runs in the family.

    When Carson found out that he was drafted he was in the middle of a cornfield hunting. Carons said he was “… very surprised, but instantly I was really excited. … We quickly cleaned up and got out of there”.