• Chance the Rapper

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Chance the Rapper or Chancelor Bennett, is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He first starting getting recognition from his first mixtape, 10 Day and then gained a huge buzz from his second mixtape, Acid Rap. Apart from his solo career, he is also a member of the Chicago hip hop group, Save Money. Chance has performed on Saturday Night Live, and has been featured in songs by well-known artists. He co-wrote the very successful “Ultralight Beam” with Kanye West on The Life of Pablo and a few other popular songs from the album. Earlier in 2016 he dropped his third mixtape, Coloring Book, which was streamed 58 million times in the first week. He encouraged listeners to download his mixtape for free because he wants everyone to have access to his music.

    chance the rapper hobbies religion political views

    Chance the Rapper Religion

    Chance is a Christian and has made a lot of music with “Christ” and “God” in his lyrics. He tweeted in January of 2016, “Today’s the last day my old life, last day smoking cigs. Headed to church for help. All things are possible thru Christ who strengthens me.” The song “Ultralight Beam” is a perfect example of his faith, “When they come for you, I will shield your name I will field their questions, I will feel your pain, No one can judge, They don’t, they don’t know They don’t know. Foot on the Devil’s neck ’til it drifted Pangaea… This little light of mine, Glory be to God, yeah…”

    Chance the Rapper Political Views

    Chance is a Democrat. He compliments Obama saying, “I think Barack Obama achieved a lot. There’s a lot of monumental establishments that have come from him being in office, but I think the problem of systematic racism and second class citizens – it’s something that’s perpetual through history. Especially with darker people. It doesn’t just stop in America. I don’t think it’s necessarily something you put the first Black man in office to change.” He and his dad both worked for Obama back when he was a senator.

    Chance the Rapper Hobbies

    He loves to use his creativity and help foster it in others. There’s a program at the Chicago Library where Chance raps with kids and he really enjoys inspiring them. He also likes acting and writing. Soul and Jazz were what he listened to until he bought Kanye West’s album, College Dropout, in 2004 which led to his infatuation with hip hop.

    Beliefs on Gay Rights

    Chance supports LGBT rights, even though he has received a lot of speculation over his lyrics in “Favorite Song.” His controversial lyric has led many to believe he is homophobic, however Chancelor says that’s not the case at all.

    Who is Chance Dating?

    He has been rumored to be dating Chloe Grace Moretz, however they are apparently just friends. He and Kirsten, the mother of his recent child have been allegedly dating since 2013.


    Born April 16, 1993 Chance is an Aries.

    Famous Quote

    “The idea of ‘talking white,’ a lot of people grew up around that, just the idea that if you speak with proper diction and come off as educated that it’s not black and that it’s actually anti-black and should be considered only something that white people would do.”

    Random Fact

    After being suspended from school for possession of marijuana, Chance used his 10-day hiatus to create his first mixtape that he logically named 10 Day.