• Chris Hardwick

    Last updated: January 20, 2017

    Chris Hardwick is an American comedian, television host, producer, and musician. He is also the CEO of Nerdist Industries. Some of his biggest roles as a TV host include Talking DeadThe Wall, and @Midnight. Hardwick grew up in Lousiville, Kentucky. His father was a professional bowler and his mther was a real estate agent. Chris went to UCLA and was a member f the Chi Phi Fraternity. While there he studied psychology and was even roommates with Wil Wheaton.

    chris hardwick religion political views hobbies

    Chris Hardwick Political Views

    He likes to stay out of politics but based on his jokes and comments, it would appear that he is either Independent or a Democrat. As a comedian he always makes jokes about politics but seems to joke more about the Conservatives, especially Donald Trump.

    Chris Hardwick Hobbies

    Hardwick admits that he is a big nerd and is a fan of science fiction and video games. He also loves comedy and says he is lucky that he gets paid to do something he loves.

    Chris Hardwick Religion

    Chris was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. His mother was Catholic and that’s what their family practiced. Today it appears that he is no longer religious and is often seen making jokes about religion in general.

    Who is Chris dating?

    He is dating Lydia Hearst. Together they have been married for 3 months. They got married in August of 2016. Lydia is a fashion model and actress.

    Other random facts

    In 2003 Chris gave up drinking alcohol. He says it is one of the best choices he has made in life after having some problems with drinking. He met Joan Rivers when he was a kid and they have been friends ever since. His father was a professional bowler by the name of Billy Hardwick. In the beginning of his career, he worked as a DJ for a radio station in Las Angeles.