• Colton Haynes

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Colton Haynes is an actor and model from Wichita, Kansas. He began modeling at 15 and gained success from an Abercrombie and Fitch campaign. He is best known for his role as Jackson Whittemore in the drama series, Teen Wolf. Colton is also popular from the TV series, Arrow. He played in the recent 2015 film, San Andreas, which was his first time on the silver screen. Haynes has made a number of guest appearances for TV shows and was considered for the role of Edward in the 2008 blockbuster, Twilight.

    Colton Haynes hobbies religion political beliefs

    Colton Haynes Religion

    Haynes is believed to be a Christian, however he most likely isn’t too invested because he has recently come out of the closet and publicly confirmed he’s gay. He has tried to move away from his conservative and religious roots because he felt like he didn’t belong.

    Colton Haynes Political Views

    He grew up in a very conservative area and admitted he wanted to get away from that. He has stated he is a member of the LGBT community and supports the Democratic party.

    Colton Haynes Hobbies

    He likes to play tennis and even won the “Gatorade Player of the Year” for his high school team. He also loves to sing.


    Born July 13, 1988 Colton is a Cancer

    Random Fact

    He keeps a wall in his house where he writes down all of his positive thoughts. He calls it the “The Great Wall of Positivity.”

    Famous Quote

    Kansas is very religious, very Republican, and very straight-laced. I needed to get away from that… My family moved to town and we were kind of the outcasts. It was funny leaving the town and not having a lot of friends and then coming back now; there were people who used to kind of bully me and now they want to be my friend.”

    Who is Colton Dating?

    It is unclear who Colton Haynes is dating. Emily Bett Rickards was his girlfriend before he announced is sexual orientation through an article in Entertainment Weekly. He may be single or have a new guy on the horizon.