• Danny DeVito

    Last updated: March 13, 2017

    Danny DeVito is an American actor of Italian descent hailing from New Jersey. Born to Daniel Devito Sr. (a small business owner) and Julia Moccello in 1944, he was the youngest of three siblings. He got his start by training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and performing and various theater productions. His first major role was that of Louie De Palma on the 1978 TV show Taxi. He went on to have a successful movie career.

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    Danny DeVito Religion

    He was raised Catholic, and attended a Catholic preparatory school growing up. While he still remains Catholic, he isn’t staunch. His wife, Rhea Perlman, is Jewish, and within their relationship they do the best practices for both religions while ignoring things that require more of a sacrifice, such as Len, or fasting in the Jewish religion.

    Danny DeVito Political Views

    Devito is a longtime Democrat. He started giving to campaigns in 1980, and every donation has been made out to the Democratic party. In total he has donated as much as $145,700 as of today – a hefty amount. On Twitter, he’s very actively Democratic, using the platform as his primary tool for political discourse. There, he can be seen making sometimes-witty, always-sarcastic comments about the current state of politics.

    Danny DeVito Hobbies

    Danny DeVito is a fan of the band Phish, he attended their final concert in Coventry, Vermont on August 16, 2004. He is also a huge fan of the musician Mike Patton.

    Who is he dating?

    Danny is married to Rhea Pearlman. The couple has been married since 1982. After being together for 40 years and married for 30 years, the couple separated in 2012 but ultimately reunited in 2013.

    Random Facts

    Before becoming an actor, Danny DeVito  was a qualified hair stylist. In his New Jersey hometown, a relative of his ran a hair salon with some of Jack Nickelson’s relatives; Nickelson is from the same neighborhood as DeVito. He is close friends with Lucy Liu.