• David Blaine

    Last updated: November 17, 2016

    David Blaine is an American magician, illusanis, and endurance performer. He gained attention from his TV show, Street Magic. In the show he would pull off amazing magic tricks right in front of random people on the streets. David has pulled off some amazing stunts and has been burried alive, frozen alive, drowned alive, stayed on top of a 100 foot pillar, caught a bullet in his mouth, and has even set Guniness World Records. In 2016, he will be on TV again in theABC special, Beyond Magic.

    david blaine religion hobbies political views

    David Blaine Religion

    It’s not surprising that David’s religion is somewhat of a mystery. Some have claimed that he is Jewish since his mother was, but on his back he has a giant tattoo of what appears to be Jesus on the cross. He has mentioned things that seem to him being spiritual but it’s uncertain if it’s just part of his acts. Without David directly stating his religion, we can only speculate that he is either religious and private or non-religious.

    david blaine cross tattoo back

    David Blaine Political Views

    As with his religion, politics is something he rarely talks about. If we had to guess we would lean on the side of being more liberal. We aren’t sure if he will ever announce his actual beliefs so until then we are uncertain.

     David Blaine Hobbies

    It appears that magic is without a doubt his biggest hobby. He used magic to help deal with his mothers passing and has always been a fan of performing. Clearly his hobby of magic has merged into his full-time career and it appears he enjoys every second of it.

    Who is he dating?

    Currently he is single. He use to be engaged to model Alizee Guionchet. They had been dating since 2008 and got engaged in 2009. In 2011 they had a daughter together named Dessa. There were alleged rumors about cheating and it’s uncertain as to if this led to their breakup.

    Random Facts

    When David was younger, his mother passed away at the age of 21. Although he was extremely sad, he continued pushing through it and performing for famous celebrities. Some of which included Mike Tyson and Al Pacino.