• Daymond John

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Daymond John is an American businessman, founder of FUBU, and Television personality. He is best known for the television series Shark Tank and his own clothing brand “FUBU”. He started the FUBU brand in 1992 when he noticed that he could provide people with more affordable styles of clothing that were still fashionable. His business rose to fame when he convinced LL Cool J to wear one of his shirts for a promotional campaign. He now spends time as a motivational speaker, author, and investor on Shark Tank.

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    Daymond John Religion

    Daymond has not specifically stated his religion but has said that he has a religious dedication to goal-setting. This “belief” has always kept him on track with both his business and personal relationships. He keeps his personal life very private, which makes it difficult to learn about him

    Daymond John Hobbies

    John is a huge fan of photography. He stated that he has loved it as far back as he can remember and he thoroughly enjoys it. Another reason he is so fond of photography is that he is dyslexic and can learn better visually. He also enjoys reading and is a big fan of inspiring others with his own books. He currently has released two books.

    Daymond John Political Views

    Daymond’s views tend to lean more towards him being a Democrat. In fact, he donated over $4,600 in 2008 to the Obama for America fund. He also donated $1,000 in 2002 to the Friends of Schumer campaign. Whether these moves were based on political reasons, is unsure.

    Who is he dating?

    Daymond is not currently married but has a long-term girlfriend who’s name has never been revealed. Together they welcomed a beautiful baby girl. He also has an ex-wife with whom he has two other children.

    Interesting Facts

    A random fact you might not know about Daymond is that he started a commuter van service right after high school. Something else you might know about him is that he has considered himself to be an entrepreneur since the age of six when he noticed that he could make a profit on the littlest things.