• Diane Guerrero

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Diane Guerrero is an American actress, best known for her roles as Maritza Ramos in the TV Series Orange Is The New Black as well as Lina in Jane the Virgin. She was born in New Jersey in a Colombian family but was raised in Boston. At 14, she was the only one from her family to remain in the United States, after her parents as well as older brothers were deported back to Colombia. She decided to pursue an acting career at 24 and had her debut in 2013 as Maritza Ramos, an inmate in the Orange Is The New Black.

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    Diane Guerrero Religion

    She doesn’t talk much about her religion but it does appear that she still might be Christian. Diane was raised Christian in a very traditional Colombian family. In one interview, Diane told the reporter that the last time she saw her family, they went to church together. This might have more to do with it being her family and not so much with her beliefs.

    Diane Guerrero Political Views

    Diane is a Democrat. She has publicly stated that she loves Barrack Obama. Having her whole family deported at a very young age impacted her path in life and set her on the course of fighting against incorrect immigration laws. Her publicly expressed opinion on Donald Trump also suggests that she is a Democrat. When asked about her thoughts regarding those who support the Republican candidate, Diane said: “We need you to really look at both sides and decide whether you want someone like Trump, who’s divisive and ignorant and just bashes the hell out of all of us, to run your country”.

    Diane Guerrero Hobbies

    Diane enjoys working on art and loves jazz music. She took classes at the Boston Arts Academy, where she also performed with the jazz group.

    Who is she dating?

    Diane has been dating her boyfriend, Joseph Ferrara, for over two years. When asked about the possibility of getting married, Diane joked that since she had caught the bouquet at a wedding that they might have to get married soon.

    Random Facts

    Diane is a volunteer for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit organization. It’s goals are to help promote the rights of immigrants. She believes that her experience with the immigration system might help those that are in similar situations to hers.