• Drake

    Last updated: February 7, 2017

    Drake’s Beliefs and Views

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    What is his Religion

    Drake is Jewish. He lived and went to a predominantly Jewish high school in a Jewish area of Forest Hills, CA. He had a Bar Mitzvah and is proud to celebrate major holidays with his mother. He does imply that he had a privileged upbringing to couple his Jewish culture, so his song “Started from the Bottom” seems to be a little ironic. Regardless of the haters, you still made it Drake….Mazel tov!

    What are his Political Views

    Drake is a most likely a Democrat. He hasn’t carried much of a political flag but he has mentioned that he loves a picture of him and Bill Clinton and another with President Obama. He has had an admiration for the last two democratic presidents. He aspires to actually play the part of Obama if one day there is a movie made about him. He said if he comes on television he “won’t change the channel.”

    What Horoscope does Drake have

    Drake is a Scorpio, born on October 24th, 1986. Scorpio’s element is water which indicates a very emotional person, intuitive with a passionate personality. However, it also represents jealousy, resentment, and obsession/compulsion. He’s an emotional songwriter and has had some resentment/jealousy issues regarding Rhianna and Chris Brown so I’d say that’s on point. Now he has beef with Meek Mill.

    Drake’s Hobbies

    His favorite thing to do in his spare time is play basketball. He obviously has made a career out of his greatest passion, and he also likes to hang with friends and family.

    Is Drake Dating Anyone?

    Drake was unattached and single for a while after his break up with Rihanna but it seems like now he’s with tennis player Serena Williams. It is a very low-key relationship but they were caught locking lips at Serena’s match in Wimbledon. He’s been by her side throughout the whole tournament and off the court they look and act like a couple. There’s still heavy speculation but it seems the two stars are dating under Hollywood’s radar.

    Workout Routine

    He works out about 5 times a week and each day he dedicates a workout to a different muscle group or goal. Mondays he does chest and back. Tuesdays switches to cardio. Wednesday is all about his core and abs. Thursday is arms and shoulders and Friday is leg day. He’s posted numerous pictures on twitter and Instagram of his progress and his lady fans seem to like it.

    Beliefs on Gay Marriage

    Drake is shown in a picture with Tyler the Creator at Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” show. The two were there to support Ocean who is the first person in the hip hop industry to admit to being homosexual. There is no report about him supporting gay marriage but it seems likely. There are also rumors of Drake himself being gay, but it’s most probable that they started from people who strongly dislike him and/or his music.


    Drake’s real name is Aubrey Graham. He entered the entertainment industry as an actor on the “Degrassi” show and became a huge sensation when Lil Wayne signed him to his label, Young Money. He is a Scorpio which gives him a natural tendency to be emotional. He is known for being a sensitive, emo rapper that raps about his feelings. For this or whatever reason Drake is widely disliked. He has gotten into confrontations over women and currently has beef with several rappers, especially Meek Mill. He has been seen getting comfortable with Serena Williams, but it is still speculated whether or not they’re dating. He most likely supports gay marriage and is a Democrat who admires Obama and Clinton. He loves to play basketball and hang out with friends and family when he’s not following his musical passion aka working. He works out regularly and is the only black Canadian rapper in the industry.