• Drew Brees

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Drew Brees is an American quarterback in the NFL. He currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. His remarkable talent for the sport gained attention when he excelled in college football, playing for Purdue University. Drew became an icon in college football by breaking several records on passing, completions, and touchdowns. His first debut in the NFL started with the San Diego Chargers back in 2002.

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    Dew Brees Religion

    Drew is a Christian. He is always comfortable sharing his views on his Christian faith. He is big with giving back and supports several foundations and charities. Brees has even donated money made by endorsements directly to charity. His kind and generous attitude has garnered him a great reputation among his communities. Publicly, Drew may not have mentioned which denomination he belongs to so we can only speculate he is an Evangelical Christian.

    Drew Brees Political Views

    Drew says he is fascinated by national politics, though he is not convinced which party he might go for. There is a lot of speculation that it might be the Republican Party. He also might choose to not publicly say what his religion is, as he is also the co-chair on the Fitness, Sports and Nutrition council. Brees can be described as a social conservative, a fact that was evident when he visited Guantanamo prison and supported the Republican ideology that it remains operational.

    Drew Brees Hobbies

    One of Brees favorite hobbies involves intense physical training, preferably while at the beach. When in the session he is always accompanied by his longtime personal trainer, Todd Durkin. He really loves paddle boarding more than any other sport. He considers the hobby as not just a way of getting in shape but interacting with other people.

    Who Is He Dating?

    Back in 2003, Drew tied the knot with his college sweetheart Brittany. They are parents to four lovely kids, three sons and a daughter. They reside together as one big happy family. Anyone who would observe his page on social media will instantly conclude that he is a family man.

    Drama with his Mom

    The relationship between drew and his mother had been frosty over the years. Mina Brees, his mother, is a prominent lawyer in Texas. The scuffle between the two was publicly confirmed when Drew discouraged her mother from using his image in her Texas Appeals court campaign in 2006. Brees has even been publicly quoted saying that he had not spoken with his mother for the last eight years. Unfortunately, his mother passed away back in 2009 due to a prescription pills overdose. When his mother passed away, Drew took some time off just before the 2009 season commenced.