• Ed Helms

    Last updated: November 4, 2016

    Ed Helms is an American actor, and comedian. He got his fame by playing the role of Andy in the TV series The Office. He also played as Rusty Griswold in the famous Vacation and as Stuart Price in The Hangover trilogy. He is 42 and has been active in the art world since 2002. When he was younger he spent a lot of time in sketch comedy banks.

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    Ed Helms Religion

    He hasn’t really made his religion known. Some people have said that Ed is Jewish but we were unable to find anything to support this. It might be safe to assume that he isn’t religious since he hasn’t made any comments about it.

    Ed Helms Hobbies

    He loves watching movies and playing his guitar. He also loves singing. In a lot of his roles he usually gets a part or works in a part where he gets a chance to show off his singing skills.

    Ed Helms Political Views

    It appears that Ed leans more liberal when it comes to social views. He said that he is a supporter of same-sex marriage which usually aligns with most democratic beliefs. Fiscally he might be more conservative but without him sharing this information we won’t really know. If you think you know what his political views are be sure to comment below!

    Who is he dating?

    Currently he is dating Sara Sebastian, a well known violinist.

    Interesting Facts

    His mother worked as a school administrator and his father worked as an insurance executive and lawyer. He is also the youngest of 3 children. Ed graduated from the famous Westminster Schools in 1992.- He was also an exchange student spending a semester at New York University. He also received an honorary degree from Knox College as Doctor of Fine Arts.  He worked as a film editor in New York City at Crew Cuts. He found a talent agent after getting paid for a voice over work. He also had a tenure on a satirical news program in the early 2000s.