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    Last updated: November 11, 2019

    Eddie Murphy is an American comedian and movie star. Murphy rose to fame early in his showbiz career when he was cast in 1981 (at only the age of nineteen) as a new addition to Saturday Night Live. Swiftly becoming a fan favorite, Murphy’s star gre even brighter by taking roles in edgy action-comedy films like 48 Hrs (1983) and the 1984 blockbuster hit Beverly Hills Cop. Future hits included Coming to America (1988), The Nutty Professor remakes released in the 1990s, the animated Shrek movies series, and an Academy Award nomination for a supporting role in 2007’s Showgirls.

    Born on April 3, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, his zodiac sign is Aries. His middle name is Regan.

    Eddie Murphy his religion and beliefs


    Eddie Murphy – His Religion

    Murphy believes in God and was raised as a Baptist. “I know that God is real. There’s been a bunch of times when I could have wound up crashing and burning.” (1)


    Eddie Murphy – Alcohol & Drugs

    Murphy has stated in numerous interviews that he’s never taken hard drugs. “I didn’t get high,” the actor said in an interview about his time spent in Hollywood and at parties. “[One night out] Belushi and Robin Williams offered me some blow and I didn’t take it, and Belushi called me a ‘tightass’.” (2)

    As for alcohol, the last time Eddie mentioned that he consumed liquor was in 1993 on his honeymoon. “And that was the second time I got drunk, and it was the last time,” Eddie remembers. “I was feeling great for about five minutes … I can’t drink, because I will throw up.” (3)


    Eddie Murphy – His Relationships

    Eddie had an older brother named Charlie, born one year earlier than him. Charlie passed away from leukemia in 2017 at the age of 59.

    Eddie’s father and mother got divorced when he was just three; his father Charles passed away when young Eddie was just eight-years-old.

    Murphy has 10 children of his own. When he was married to Nicole Mitchell in the 1980s-90s the couple had five kids. Murphy has had five more children with girlfriends with his most recent child being born in 2016 to model Paige Butcher.



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