• Eliza Taylor

    Last updated: December 5, 2016

    Eliza Taylor is an Australian actress. In Australia, she is well known for her role on the soap opera Neighbours (2005–08). She also plays the leading role in the TV show The 100 (2014-present).  She grew up in Melbourne, Australia and attended school at Calder High School. She wanted to be a Marine Biologist before she got involved with acting. Her breakthrough in acting came from her role on Neighbours. 

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    Eliza Taylor Religion

    It looks like Eliza is non-religious. She hasn’t mentioned much about her beliefs and if she follows any faith. We found one place that also listed her as non-religious but we weren’t able to find their sources. If you know of her religion, please comment below!

    Eliza Taylor Hobbies

    Eliza enjoys playing the guitar, going to the ocean, and watching Netflix. If she wasn’t going to be an actor, she would have been a marine biologist. She also joked that Netflix changed her life, and says that her favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and House.

    Eliza Taylor Political Views

    She hasn’t mentioned much about politics in either America or Australia. If you can find anything that she has said or mentioned about politics please comment below.

    Who is she dating?

    It looks like currently Eliza is single. In 2003 she was dating Lincoln Lewis. After a year they broke up. In 2008 she began dating Brett Tucker. They have since broken up as well.


    Random Fact

    Growing up, her mother was a graphic designer and her Dad owned cafés all around Melbourne. Her step-dad was a comedian. She has two sisters and a brother. When she moved to America to pursue acting, she almost went broke until she landed a role in the show The 100.