• Emilia Clarke

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Emilia Clarke is an English actress. She hit the headlines with her acclaimed performance as Daenerys Targaryen in the famed Game of Thrones series. This has led to her winning three Emmy Award nominations in 2016, 2015 and also 2013. She was named by Esquire as the 2015 Sexiest Woman Alive. She also starred in Terminator Genisys and Me Before You.

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    Emilia Clarke Religion

    Clarke is not known to be  vocal about her religious views, fueling speculations that she is not religious. She attended Catholic Schools when she was younger but there is no apparent proof that she is or still remains Catholic.

    Emilia Clarke Political Views

    She rarely voices her political views. Some users on twitters did report that she re-tweeted a post about Barack Obama winning his second term as President, but we were unable to find such tweet.

    Emilia Clarke Hobbies

    Emilia has a love for candy, fashion, and loves watching TV. Some of her favorite shows are Girls and Breaking Bad. She also enjoys horsback riding, swimming, and playing tennis.

    Who is She Dating?

    Currently, Emilia Clarke is single though previously she has dated quite a few celebrities. Some of which include Seth MacFarlane, James Franco, Jared Leto, Cory Michael Smith and Jai Courtney. She dated them in that order.

    Random Facts

    Clarke’s horoscope is a Scorpio and she has green eyes. It is stated that she is worth around $3. Her “Chicken Dance and Robot Dance” for the auditions of Game of Thrones are well-known. She was also nominated as the most desirable woman by Askmen in 2014. She can play the guitar, flute and piano. She can also sing and has a dog whose name is Roxy.

    She plays tennis, knows horseback riding, swimming, ice-skating, sailing, skiing and even rowing. For Terminator Genisys, Clarke underwent a severe workout routine to meet the demands of the role and had to learn how to shoot guns and learn kickboxing.