• Emmy Rossum

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Emmy Rossum is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She was in a TV series called Shameless as Fiona Gallagher. She has also starred in a lot of movies including Passionada and An American Rhapsody. She gained a lot of attention for her role in Mystic River. When she starred in TDAT in 2004, she received tons of compliments from experts in the film industry. She also loves music and released her awesome debut album called Inside Out in 2007. In 2013, she released Sentimental Journey, a music album.

    She is the only child of a single mother who was working as a corporate photographer for quite some time. Emmy Rossum was born in New York City in 1986. Her mother is Jewish but her father is Protestant. He has been instilled the Jewish morals and code of ethics throughout her life. Her parents separated in 2007 when her mother was pregnant. She has only seen her father twice. One of the times was when he was part of the chorus in the famous Metropolitan Opera in New York.

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    Emmy Rossum Religion

    She is a spiritual person. Her religion is love, and she tries to love as much as he can on a daily basis. She was raised in a Jewish and Protestant home, but has since moved away from either religion.

    Emmy Rossum Political Views

    Emmy is an environmentalist, though she does not have a particular political affiliation. She appears to stay away from politics, but from what we read she appears to lean more liberal. She also considers herself a pacifist.

    Emmy Rossum Hobbies

    She doesn’t have many hobbies listed but she seems to love helping people in need. It also seems like she really enjoys listening and writing music.

    Random Fact

    She graduated from high school when she was only 15 years old through a special program designed by Stanford University for gifted children.