• Felicity Jones

    Last updated: November 4, 2016

    Felicity Jones is an English actress. She was born on October 17th, 1983. She is known for her acting roles in The Treasure Seekers (1996), Ethel Hallow, The Worst Witch, Weirdsister College, Northanger Abey (2007), The Tempest (2010), Like Crazy (2011) and The Theory of Everything among others. These roles have earned her several awards which include the ‘Best Actress’ award she won in 2015. She was born and raised in Birmingham, West Midlands. Her father was a journalist and her mother was in the advertising industry however she was brought up by her mother after they divorced.

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    Felicity Jones Religion

    Jones is a Catholic and has no future plans of converting to any other religion. She says, “I lived with a Catholic family and attended Mass.” It is also evident from her interviews with journalists that she was brought up in a family that is not religious hence making it difficult to understand her religion.

    Felicity Jones Political Views

    Felicity appears to be very passionate in her acting career and does not seem to have interests on politics. She says it is her English teacher who had forced her to study the law and is grateful she did not pursue that career because the studies were so demanding.

    Hobbies of Felicity Jones

    Her hobbies have more been connected to her passion as an actor. She loves watching films and took acting as a hobby at first. Her hobby led her to the path of acting at age twelve.

    Who is she dating?

    Her long term boyfriend whom she met while in the Ruskin School of Art at Oxford was Ed Fornieles. He is an artist who set up the Wallis Gallery in East London. However, despite living together in East London for a long time, they broke up in 2013. She is currently single.

    Random Facts

    In 2011, Like Crazy earned her ‘The Best Breakthrough’ performer. She graduated with a degree in English from Oxford University in 2003. She engaged in television and radio projects before moving to movies.