• Gary Johnson

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate running for the 2016 United State’s election. Johnson’s notable achievements include running as a Republican candidate in 2012 and winning the nomination in 2016 for the Libertarian party. He has been reelected as governor of New Mexico as a Republican even though it’s a very liberal state. He is an all star when it comes to fitness and marathons, and has even climbed the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest.

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    Gary Johnson Religion

    Gary was brought up in the Lutheran religion. Although he has ties to the Lutheran church and Christianity, he believes that church and state should be separate. Johnson says that he often prays and that he believes in God. In an interview he said, “I was raised as a Lutheran, and I believe in God and consider my faith and involvement with organized religion to be an important part of who I am”.

    Gary Johnson Hobbies

    Gary absolutely loves fitness and has completed some very impressive races. He is quite the adventure when it comes to climbing and has climbed the the tallest mountains in the world. Gary has also competed in the Hawaii Ironman 4 times. He also enjoys riding his bike on long trips and in marathons.

    Gary Johnson Political Views

    Johnson’s political views now align close to the classic Libertarian ideology. On social issues, he sides with more liberal views of the Democratic party. He believes in the women’s right to choose, supports the LGBT community, and supports gay marriage. When it comes to fiscal matters, he sides with Republicans. He wants less government, is fiscally conservative, and wants to cut taxes. He believes in legalizing marijuana and wants to get it removed from being a Scheduled 1 drug so that it can be researched more. Essentially he wants less government, less taxes, and for people to be socially tolerant.

    Random Facts

    Johnson is the first unmarried presidential candidate to run since 1884. While his support of marijuana legalization is well known, what you might not know is that Johnson was the CEO and director of marijuana marketing company, Cannabis Sativa, until January 2016. He has also climbed Mt. Everest which is a very impressive accomplishment.


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