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    Last updated: July 29, 2019

    Grant Gustin is an American actor best known for his role as Barry Allen in the television series The Flash. He has been acting since 2010 and had a role in the Fox TV series Glee. His birth name is Thomas but Grant uses his middle name as his stage name. Grant’s mother is a nurse and his father is a college professor.

    Born in Norfolk, Virginia on January 14, 1990, Gustin is an Capricorn.

    Grant Gustin his wife and beliefs

    Grant Gustin – His Religious Beliefs

    Currently Grant has chosen to not yield any information about his spiritual beliefs of if there is a certain religious belief that he practices.

    When he married Andrea Thoma in 2018, the ceremony followed the bride’s cultural beliefs. Thoma’s background is Malaysian and as such her and Gustin were married in a Malasian ceremony.

    “My mom’s a Kadazan, so it’s almost like Native American of America, but she’s from the island of Borneo. We wore the traditional outfits, [and] we had, like, a shaman and a medicine-man do all of the blessings,” Thoma explained. (1)

    Gustin sounded pretty relaxed about this life-changing event, which suggests to us that he doesn’t have a particularly strong religious inclination on his family’s side.

    “We technically did, you know, a shaman did a ceremony in front of a group of people. Technically we are, like, pretty married. We just haven’t signed a document yet,” Gustin said. (1)


    Grant Gustin – His Relationships

    Gustin married Andrea Thoma in December 2018.


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