• Gucci Mane

    Last updated: May 12, 2017

    Radric Delantis ‘Gucci Mane’ Davis was born February 12th, 1980 in Bessemer, Alabama. He founded the record label, 1017, and helped pioneer the genre of trap music. Gucci grew up with his single mother in Atlanta and in 2001 he released his first tape called ‘La Flare.’ He developed his skills from an interest in poetry at an early age. Davis linked up with local rapper Jeezy and secured a distribution deal with Tommy Boy Records. In 2005 Gucci released Trap House which came after his success from “Black Tee.”

    gucci mane religion hobbies political views

    Gucci Mane Religion

    Gucci is a strong believer in God and is a Christian. He has tweeted things like this before, “God thank you for my punishment it made me wise”.

    Gucci Mane Political Views

    He commented on Trump’s animated facial expressions on Twitter, “I think Donald Trump just did all of the emoji faces in 9 seconds.” It’s likely that he is anti-Trump. It’s unclear if he holds views that lean more towards Republican or Democrat but we will update it we find more concrete evidence.

    Gucci Mane Hobbies

    Poetry and song writing are activities Gucci enjoys as well as working out. He loves doing sober things now that he has been released from prison.

    Who is He Dating?

    He has been dating longtime girlfriend, Keyshia Ka’oir for the past 12 years.

    Random Facts

    Davis was arrested in 2001 for cocaine charges and sentenced to 90 days in county jail. In 2005, Gucci and his friends were attacked in Decatur, Georgia. Gucci’s crew shot back in self-defense killing one. Gucci and the men turned themselves in and charges were dropped do to sufficient evidence. He played a role in the 2013 film, Spring Breakers alongside James Franco and Selena Gomez. He has a new clothing line coming out this year called ‘Delantic’ that sells hoodies and underwear. Davis met producer Big Cat in prison and helped him out when he heard Gucci spit a freestyle in a cell. They linked up and produced Trap House in 2005 withe the single “So Icy” featuring Jeezy. It also had his first big single, “Black Tee.”