• Hailee Steinfeld

    Last updated: July 2, 2018

    Hailee Steinfeld is a model, singer, and actress. Her acting career gained attention in 2010 for her role of Mattie Ross in True Grit. This also led to her being nominated for several very prestigious awards. Some of other movies she has been in include Romeo & Juliet (2013)Ender’s Game (2013)and 3 Days to Kill (2014)Her role in The Edge of Seventeen earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination. Steinfeld has released a single called “Love Myself” which became platinum in several countries.  In 2016 she collaborated with Grey and Zedd which reached the Billboard Hot 100 at the number 12 spot.

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    Hailee Steinfeld Religion

    Hailee’s father is Jewish but her mother wasn’t. She was raised following some Jewish traditions but it’s uncertain if she is still practicing. According to the Jewish faith, the religion is based on the mothers beliefs, so some would argue that this makes her not Jewish.

    Her Political Views

    Steinfeld hasn’t made many comments about her political views or beliefs. It’s uncertain if she leans more towards being a Republican or Democrat or if she’s is a registered voter. If you know about her political views then please comment below!

    Hailee Steinfeld Hobbies

    In an interview Hailee said that some of her favorite hobbies include writing, taking photos, and singing. She also really enjoys acting and started doing it when she was 11. Her favorite movie is The Social Network.

    Who is she dating?

    It appears that Hailee Steinfeld is currently single. She says she has time for a relationship but it’s not really a priority for her at the moment.

    Random Facts

    When she was younger she was a cheerleader for 8 years.

    She is also good friends with Taylor Swift.

    Her older brother is Griffin Steinfeld who is a NASCAR driver.

    For her role on True Grit, she had to audition eight times before landing the role.

    She admits to skipping out on her high school graduation. “I don’t like social gatherings like that, so I begged my parents and my teacher to let me skip out on it,” Hailee explains. (1)



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