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    Last updated: July 7, 2018

    Huey Lewis is an American musician. Huey started his music career in the early 1970s performing in a San Francisco band called Clover. After bouncing around playing backup music with some well-known acts like Thin Lizzy, Huey formed the band that eventually became The News in 1978. Huey Lewis and the News released their first album in 1980, but it wasn’t until their second album in 1982 that the band had a top 40 hit with “Do You Believe in Love”.  Sports, the band’s third album and released in 1983, became a huge hit and produced four top ten singles.

    Huey was born as Hugh Anthony Cregg III on July 5, 1950 in New York City. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

    Huey Lewis beliefs faith God

    Huey Lewis – His Religion

    Lewis is a Christian. However he does use the name of Jesus in cursing.

    “I believe God is alive today, forever and tomorrow. I feel that alot of the folklore attached to rock and roll is drug orientated. In retrospect I thank God that I was blessed with a clean and sober attitude towards myself and others around me. When we shot ‘I Need a New Drug’, I think I was confronting that reality. The bible helped me in larger than life ways. It clarified things for me and helped me to avoid romantic notions concerning drug abuse.” (1)

    Lewis’ mother is Catholic and she influenced his beliefs.


    Huey Lewis – His Political Views

    Lewis generally does not follow politics. He has said that his songs never had a political angle. However, he has publicly endorsed democrat John Kerry for President likely has moderate liberal democratic views.

    “I have never before endorsed a Presidential candidate publicly, nor do I think it’s a generally good idea for celebrities to do so, but I’m endorsing John Kerry for President,” Lewis said back in 2004. “I think the war in Iraq was ill conceived, has been proven to be a big mistake, and it’s time for a new team to try to internationalize the fight against terrorism, and restore respect for the United States. It’s so sad to remember that after 9/11 the whole world empathized with us. I don’t believe Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld are malicious, but I believe they got it wrong in Iraq, and it’s time for a change.” (2)

    Also, back in 2011 Lewis was asked to comment on the upcoming 2012 presidential election, He seemed to predict that the Republicans would win office. “Economy — that’s going to be a big, big thing next presidential cycle,” Lewis said. “Romney is ahead of Obama in the polls. The economy wins in America.”(3)


    Huey Lewis – His Relationships

    Huey got married in 1983 to Sidney Conroy, who the singer met when she was working for Lewis’ manager. Their relationship lasted six years. Huey has two children, a daughter named Kelly and a son named Austin. (4)


    Huey Lewis – His Hobbies & Interests

    Huey enjoys playing the stock market and fly fishing. He also enjoys other outdoor activities such as golf and horseback riding. Lewis and his family have a ranch in Montana with wild horses and other animals that he takes care of.


    Huey Lewis – Random Facts

    He got a perfect 800 in math on his SAT. Huey learned to play the harmonica while hitchhiking across the country and busking for money. He dropped out of college to play music. Even he is in his 60’s he performs more than 70 concerts a year.


    Huey Lewis – Hearing Loss

    In 2018 Huey cancelled all the dates on his tour because he was suffering from hearing loss. Lewis was diagnosed with a condition called Meniere’s disease. It is an a inner ear disorder that causes dizziness, ringing in the ears and progressive hearing loss. (5)



    Huey Lewis – On “The Power of Love”

    “What it meant for us is that it was a big international hit. We never had an international hit. To this day, it’s our only real international hit. Our stuff is very American somehow. It’s not rock or metal. It’s a tough genre for us, you know.” (6)



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    Photo by Tankboy. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 International License.