• Jackie Evancho

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Jackie Evancho is an American singer, first having got attention in America’s Got Talent’s fifth season, after two unsuccessful auditions. The singer’s discography started as early as 2009 with an independent album Prelude to a Dream. She has since made one EP, four studio albums and three DVDs. She’s been ranked in three of Billboard’s 2011 rankings (including No. 1 Classical Albums Artist), two of 2012, and one each year from 2013 to 2015. She’s also been included in a number of top artists lists, especially right after her participation in the mentioned TV show. The singer also worked with modeling, after being selected by Guess in 2012. Whether the artist will continue working as a model or will focus solely on her singing career is yet to be seen.

    jackie evancho religion hobbies political views

    Jackie Evancho Religion

    Evancho is Catholic and believes her voice is a gift from God. She’s also sung for the pope, which she was excited to do. She’s also been seen wearing a purity ring, apparently given by her father.

    Jackie Evancho Hobbies

    The young singer practices archery whenever possible. “I feel like a little Katniss, but that started before The Hunger Games.”

    Jackie Evancho Political Views

    Jackie’s been vocal about her support for transgender people as her sister is transgender. In 2015 she posted a cover to Ed Sheeran’s All of the Stars, dedicated to her. Additionally, the singer has also participated as a spokesperson for Humane Society for a few years, showing her inclination to political activism.

    Who is she dating?

    As is to be expected, the young singer’s dating life isn’t very public. As mentioned above, she’s been seen with a purity ring, indicating she simply may not have started dating yet.

    Random Facts

    She’s a big fan of romantic movies such as Titanic and The Notebook. “Without fail, love story types of movies can make me cry.”