• James Franco

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    James Franco is a multi talented individual who has acted in both New York and LA. He started his acting on the soap opera, General Hospital. He is well known for his roles in Pineapple Express, This is the End, and Oz the Great and Powerful. He also played a World War 1 Ace in Flyboy and a hiker in the movie 127 Hours.

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    James Franco Hobbies

    Franco loves to fly airplanes and even has his private pilot license. Part of getting this came from working on the movie, Flyboys. He loves writing and has a degree from UCLA in Creative Writing. Believe it or not but James is incredibly smart and is a mathematician.

    James Franco Religion

    James Franco is Jewish by background, but describes his upbringing as being non religious in nature. He feels he missed out on the Jewish experience due to his secular upbringing. He describes himself as an agnostic, but leans toward the presence of God and feels that God exists in some form or another.

    James Franco Political Views

    Franco leans more liberal when it comes to politics. He does not discuss his political views but is strongly suspected of being liberal, as his bio and upbringing would suggest. This tends to be pretty common among actors in Hollywood.

    Interesting Facts

    James Franco once interned at Boeing in Seattle for their aerospace division. He has always had an interest in flying and math. He is probably one of the best educated and well rounded of young Hollywood actors. He also has taught courses in film making at NYU and UCLA. He also volunteers for Elysium in New York City.

    Who is James Franco Dating?

    James Franco has been dating 27 year old Stacy Johnson. In the past, Franco has expressed interest in an underage girl, and also said he “was a little bit gay”. However, he seems to have hit his stride with Johnson, who is age appropriate.