• Jared Goff

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Jared Goff is an NFL quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams. Jared was born in California and grew up in Marin County.  His success in high school led him to being recruited to several colleges, where he then selected the University of California. Goff was the first quarterback in Cal’s history to start a season opener. He then went on to start all 12 games in 2013. In 2016 he was selected as the number one pick in the draft, being selected by the Los Angeles Rams. As of September, 2016, he has yet to start as quarterback.

    jared goff religion

    Jared Goff Religion

    Not much is known about Jared’s religious beliefs. It appears that he might have grown up Catholic, as he attended a Catholic high school. But without any interviews or evidence of him talking about religion, it might be safe to assume it’s not a big part of his life. We will update this if we find more about his beliefs.

    Jared Goff Political Views

    Since not much attention has been put on Jared, his political beliefs are also unknown. Coming from the wealthy area of Marin County and attending a Catholic High School, our best guess be that he is somewhat conservative or holds some conservative values.

    Jared Goff Hobbies

    His current hobbies seem to revolve around football and spending time with his mom and sister. He appears to be a momma’s boy as he often takes pictures and spends time with her. If you know about any of his other hobbies please comment below.

    Who is he dating?

    Currently, it looks like Jared Goff is single. This may not last long as he’s on the verge of becoming the starting quarterback for the Las Angeles Rams.

    Random Facts

    Jared Goff’s dad was a former major league baseball player, Jerry Goff. They also both attended the same college. One of his favorite football players is Joe Montana, and he wears 16 because of him. He grew up being a huge San Francisco 49ers fan.