• Jay Hernandez

    Last updated: October 14, 2016

    Jay Hernandez is an American actor. He was born on February 20, 1978. From Montebello, California, Jay is a fourth-generation Mexican American. He was approached by a talent manage while riding an elevator in Los Angeles who suggested he try a career in Hollywood, enrolling him in acting school. He started working in 1998 and soon hit success starring in Crazy/Beautiful (2001) alongside Kirsten Dunst. He went on to take parts in feature films like Friday Night Lights (2004), Hostel (2005) and Quarantine (2008). Most recently he’s played fire manipulator Diablo in DC’s Suicide Squad (2016).

    jay hernandez religion

    Jay Hernandez Religion

    Hernandez hasn’t publicly spoken about religion much. Following his Mexican heritage, it’s possible he’s a Christian. On the other hand, he is fourth generation, so it’s possible the religious background hasn’t kept up with the time.

    Jay Hernandez Hobbies

    When not acting, Hernandez spends most of his time hanging out with his wife Daniella or with his friends. The actor is also known for his interest in charity events and raising awareness to them.

    Jay Hernandez Political Views

    Hernandez frequently talks about his Mexican heritage and how difficult it might be for a Latin actor to make it in the industry. “When I first started, there was nothing. There were no Latin roles, and that’s the only thing that they’ll see you as unless you can convince them otherwise.”

    Who is he dating?

    When only 14 years old Hernandez met Daniella Deutscher, who was 17 then. Later they started dating and married in 2006. They’ve been together since.

    Random Facts

    Hernandez had to undergo a make up treatment to play the role of Diablo for Suicide Squad, as the character had large facial tattoos. Not only that, he had to shave his eyebrows for the part, which for basically seven months he was worried might not grow back. They did, though.