• Jenny Slate

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Jenny Slate is an American actress, writer and comedian. Her main work recently has been as a voice actor, especially in the animated movies The Lorax (2012), The Secret Life of Pets (2016) and Zootopia (2016). She’s also participated in a number of TV shows and movies throughtout the years, including a short lived participation in *Saturday Night Live* between 2009 and 2010. Funnily enough, the comedian gained attention by dropping an f-bomb on her very first episode. Slate also co-created Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, a series of short films and children’s books.

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    Jenny Slate Religion

    Slate is Jewish, but hasn’t talked much about her religious beliefs. Considering how open she is about her political beliefs, it seems fair to assume the comedian doesn’t find her religious beliefs as important.

    Jenny Slate Hobbies

    The comedian enjoys cooking and throwing dinner parties for her friends. “I really like to cook and have dinner parties and I like to clean, it really clears my head and it makes me feel good to keep my home as a comfortable place.”

    Jenny Slate Political Views

    Jenny is a liberal Democrat. She is a self proclaimed feminist and considers herself an activist. She’s brought her beliefs to her work, having at one situation commented during the opening of her stand up routine the sexist jokes made by a previous comedian. She also starred in Obvious Child, a movie about a woman considering terminating her pregnancy. Slate has identified herself as pro-choice.

    Who is she dating?

    Slate married filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp in September 2012. They both worked together in the *Marcel the Shell with Shoes On* series. Unfortunately (or not) for the couple, they separated in May 2016. The actress is currently dating Captain American, Chris Evans, whom she met at the end of 2015 while working together in their upcoming movie **Gifed**.

    Random Facts

    Jenny told a story on Jimmy Fallon about when she was intoxicated and took an Uber ride home but the driver decided to surprise her with trivia questions. After apparently getting the questions right, the driver surprised once more saying “the prizes are in the truck!” Not so surprisingly, Jenny declined her “prize”.


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