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    Last updated: September 24, 2017

    Jensen Ackles is an American actor and director. He is currently starring in the long-running CW television series Supernatural as Dean Winchester, the older brother of a pair of demon hunters. Prior to his time on Supernatural, Ackles had roles on Days of Our Lives, Smallville and Dark Angel.

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    Jensen Ackles Religion

    Because of the heavy good versus evil story elements on Supernatural, Ackles has been asked multiple times about his personal views on religion, spirituality and even life after death. When asked by his fans, Jensen has carefully chosen his answers. Below is one such example where he talks about consideration given to playing a fictional character with different beliefs than his own real-life beliefs:

    Jensen has said in the past that, “I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. I grew up in a Bible church and still hold those beliefs very close to me.”

    Jensen Ackles Political Views

    Jensen has kept his personal politics out of the spotlight. We didn’t find any statements from Jensen that linked him to any one particular political party.

    Jensen Ackles Homosexuality Controversy

    Supernatural has a section of its fandom that are hopeful for a romantic relationship between the characters of Dean Winchester and Castiel (played by Misha Collins). These “shippers”, as this type of fan is referred to, have sometimes raised the prospect of this storyline happening in the show.

    During a May 2013 Supernatural convention, Jensen Ackles was asked a question from a bisexual fan about the relationship between the two male characters. Ackles brushed off the question in a manner that some found abrasive:


    This caused numerous accounts of the incident to be repeated on the internet, with some Supernatural fans inferring that Ackles was uncomfortable with gay relationships. Others have suggested that it was an unnecessary question and the show has presented both Dean and Castiel as having a deep brotherly friendship with no romantic feelings.

    Jensen Ackles His Charity & Causes

    Ackles has given his time to help bring awareness to issues surrounding mental health and depression. He has worked with Random Acts, a charity begun by fellow Supernatural cast member Misha Collins.

    Ackles has also spoken openly about helping his friend and co-star Jared Padalecki through a dark time early in Supernatural’s run. “We’ve established not only a good working relationship but a good friendship and also a good support system with each other,” he told People magazine.

    Jensen Ackles Personal Life

    Ackles is married to Danneel Harris, an actress. They have three children together, a daughter born in May 2013, and a twin boy and a girl born in December 2016.

    He considers his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki his closest friend.

    He is also going into business with his family, opening a brewery in Dripping Springs, Texas, his home state.




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