• Jerry Seinfeld

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Jerry Seinfeld is the star of the TV sitcom classic Seinfeld. He is also known for his stand-up comedy and has done some other shows and movies. He currently is the host of his show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. 

    jerry seinfeld religion hobbies political views

    Jerry Seinfeld Religion

    Jerry Seinfeld’s was born and raised as Jewish. He makes a lot of references to his religion in his stand-up acts. He is not a very devout Jew. He took some Scientology classes in his 20s, though he did not join the Scientology church.

    Jerry Seinfeld Hobbies

    Infamously, the comedian has a Porsche collection consisting of several of the luxury cars. This collection makes him famous within various celebrity circles.

    Jerry Seinfeld Political Views

    His politics have gone both ways, showing support to Barack Obama recently, but also George W. Bush in the past. Seinfeld believes that comedy should not be afraid of political correctness and should remain offensive if it’s funny. He has mentioned that he no longer wants to do stand up for Colleges as they have become too politically correct. This part of being liberal is something that he doesn’t like.

    Jerry Seinfeld Random Facts

    Seinfeld’s religion in real life also leaked into some jokes that were written into his sitcom Seinfeld. Seinfeld was the focus of the 2002 documentary called “Comedian”. Jerry’s favorite superhero is Superman. Both him and the producer of Seinfeld, Larry David, loved Superman so much that they made a point to always have him appear in their episodes.

    Who is he dating?

    Jerry is now married to Jessica Seinfeld. She is the author of several cookbooks and the founder of Baby Buggy. They met at a Reeboks Sports club in 1998. They actually met when she was only two months away from getting married.


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