• Jesse Williams

    Last updated: November 10, 2016

    Jesse Williams is an American actor and activist. He became famous for his role on the hit show Greys Anatomy as Jackson Avery. Williams graduated from Temple University with two degrees: Film & Media arts and African American studies. His studies have molded him into the guy he is today. He first began a teaching career which he maintained for six years before going into acting. His maiden television role was on an episode of Law and Order back in 2006. After this role, he appeared in several other shows before hitting mainstream fame on his first movie role; The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2.

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    Jesse Williams Religion

    Jesse was born and raised as a Christian. His deep knowledge of the Bible was seen during one of his acceptance speeches. Williams challenged the narrative where the black community remain in slavery (corporate capitalism) and banks on the hope of redemption from the scriptures. He notes that the church stood silent while the ills of slavery persisted back then.

    Jesse Williams Political Views

    Jesse is a liberal Democrat. The 34 year old is a proud champion of the black community and their civil rights. He is a proud activist and does more than just posting on social media. Williams sits on the board of the Advancement Project. This is a non-profit organization founded by civil rights attorneys who dedicate their efforts to solving racial injustices. Growing up in a family where both parents were activists, he continues to promote racial equality.

    Jesse Williams Hobbies

    Williams keeps in shape by playing soccer, basketball and football.

    Who is Williams Dating?

    When Jesse Williams met Aryn Drake-Lee he was nothing more than a high school teacher. They were a lovely couple for five years before exchanging vows in a glamorous ceremony held in Los Angeles. They are now happily married together.