• Jim Jefferies

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Jim Jefferies (Geoffrey James Nugent)- Is an Australian stand up comedian. He also has done some writing and acting before. He is known for bashing religion and being very straight forward about how he feels about things. He got his fame in the United States after his HBO stand-up special.

    Jim Jefferies religion hobbies political views

    Jim Jefferies Religion

    Jim is very vocal about being Atheist and how much he hates religion. He is well know for attacking religion in his stand-up and usually is why some people find him funny.

    “Religious people will forgive god for fucking anything… when he does bad things like hurricanes, aids, cancer, child molestation, then we just go ‘ah well… god works in mysterious ways’. What type of an excuse is that/ What is mysterious about acting like a fucking asshole?”

    Jim Jefferies Hobbies

    Jim loves watching sports and especially likes soccer and baseball. His favorite teams are Fulham F.C. and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He enjoys going out, having drinks, and isn’t one to shy away from some drugs.

    Jim Jefferies Political Views

    Jim is pretty liberal when it comes to politics. He is super against guns and thinks it’s stupid to not have tighter gun control. He often uses his home country Australia as an example of how a ban on guns can work. He is however against political correctness and has no problem saying whatever he wants. He has attacked both the left and right but seems to focus more on the religious conservatives who are obsessed with their guns.

    Who is he dating?

    Jim Jefferies is currently dating Kate Luyben who is an actress. Together they have one child.

    Random Fact

    Jim Jefferies has a very strange fear of bananas. He absolutely hates them and hates watching people eat them. In 2008 he went on the Opie and Anythony radio show and couldn’t stand the host eating the banana and waving it around of him. He ended up having to leave the stage but before he did he told them, “My ex-flatmate put a banana in my underwear drawer and I punched him in the head”.