• Jimmi Simpson

    Last updated: March 13, 2017

    Jimmi Simpson is an American actor. He was born and raised in Hackettstown, New Jersey. He attended Bloomsburg University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater.  Simpson got his start by acting in community theater which eventually led to performances at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, a famed summer theater  in Massachusetts which helped to launch his career. He is mostly known for his roles in television such as Gavin Orsay in House of Cards and William in Westworld. This also includes his role in Breakout Kings and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 

    jimmi simpson religion hobbies political views

    Jimmi Simpson Religion

    Simpson is a non-religious person like other Hollywood actors. He is fully transparent about his decision not to follow any religious beliefs and prefers to focus entirely on his acting career and personal life.

    Jimmi Simpson Political Views

    As for political views, Simpson shares a democratic view. He is a known supporter of Bernie Sanders. Most of the time not agreeing with Trump’s decisions and choices as the President of USA.

    Jimmi Simpson Hobbies

    First and foremost theater is a hobby for Jimmi; while in college his passion led him to major in it, never imagining that it would actually become a career. He has a love for music, occasionally sharing playlists and discussing concerts on his twitter account.

    Who is he dating?

    Apparently Jimmi is still dating Serinda Swan; the pair began dating in 2012 following Jimmi’s wife of seven years, Melanie Lynskey filing for divorce in 2012. There is no mention of Swan and Simpson breaking up, so one may assume that they are still dating.

    Random Facts

    Jimmi Simpson worked at Nap’s Pizza while in college. He is the youngest of three brothers. His roommate in both New York City and Los Angeles was actor Charlie Day.