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    Last updated: February 20, 2018

    Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor, reality TV show host and podcaster. Joe first came to attention back in the 1990s with his stand-up comedy act. He then landed a job as a cast member on the NBC sitcom NewsRadio (1995-1999) but achieved higher visibility as the host on Fear Factor (2001-2012). In the 2010s Rogan had reinvented himself again as a popular podcast host on The Joe Rogan Experience.

    For two decades Rogan has been a commentator and interviewer for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) league.

    He was born on August 11, 1967. His Zodiac sign is Leo.

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    Joe Rogan Politics

    If one had to brand Joe Rogan with a political label it would likely be Libertarian: someone that values freedom of choice, skepticism of power, and the ability to think critically of leaders from all political groups.

    On his podcast Joe has explored his personal thoughts on American politics. He’s been critical of both the right and the left, and for average people buying into supporting their preferred political part at all costs of reason and critical thinking.

    “It’s a real problem that we have in this country. Where people are just, “I’m a f’n Dolphins fan! It’s Dolphins to the death!” And they get that way with the Cubs. And they get that way with Democrats and Republicans,” Rogan said in one of his podcasts. “You’re seeing it right now where people have an inability to in any way say anything negative about Donald Trump.” (1)


    Joe Rogan Religion

    As an agnostic, Rogan doesn’t hold a belief for any religion. He does have spiritual thoughts but doesn’t have any place for organized religion in his life. “Every single religion that has ever been on the face of the Earth, ever, is a cult,” Rogan has said. “That’s all they are. Just a cult with millions of people in them. Meanwhile, they have a bunch of really bad stories that require more belief than an episode of I Dream of Jeannie.”

    When he was growing up Joe followed the Catholic faith. His mother made him attend Catholic school. (2)

    Even though Rogan has been critical of religions in his comedy and commentary, he expresses a tolerant position towards the beliefs of othes. “I don’t have a problem with people being religious because I just think life itself is too open-ended. It’s too confusing. And I think we’re evolving. And part of our struggle in evolving is unanswered questions.” (3)

    Joe Rogan Cannabis Legalization

    Joe is a strong supporter of the legalization of marijuana. He’s appeared in several pro-cannabis documentaries.

    Joe also advocates for a greater tolerance and exploration for hallucinogenic and psychodelic drugs such as DMT (found in the shamanic liquid called ayahuasca) and LSD.

    Joe Rogan Belief in Aliens & the Paranormal

    On his podcast and a Syfy series titled Joe Rogan: Question Everything, Rogan has explored unusual beliefs and the possibility that there may be truth to some of them.

    Rogan has frequently had scientific experts and alternative thought leaders on his podcasts to talk about controversial beliefs like the existence of extraterrestrials, whether UFOs are alien spacecraft, the reality of Bigfoot, ghosts or cryptids, and other fringe phenomena.


    Joe Rogan Relationships

    Joe is a married man. His wife is named Jessica, and they were married in 2009. A year prior to their wedding, the couple welcomed their first child to the world, a daughter. The Rogans had a second daughter born 2010.

    Rogan is also stepfather to his wife Jessica’s other daughter from an earlier relationship.

    Joe Rogan Trivia

    His middle name is James.

    Joe has two different black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, in different styles of the martial art. One is for a form called no-gi, the other in gi.



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