• John Turturro

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    John Turturro is an Italian-American actor who’s been in over 60 movies during his career. Starting with an unaccredited extra role in Raging Bull (1980) to the most recent  Hands of Stone (2016), where he plays the Mafia soldier Frankie Carbo. In 1995 he was nominated for a Golden Globe for a supporting role in Quiz Show (1994). In 2016 he landed a major role in the HBO series The Night Of.  When he was younger, John studied at the State University of New York at New Paltz where he majored in Theatre Arts. Later he went to the Yale School of Drama for his MFA.

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    John Turturro Religion

    As is common within Italian families, the actor was raised as a Roman Catholic. However he now seems to have moved away from that and isn’t religious. He’s been mistaken as Jewish and has talked about his curiosity for Judaism and his relationship with religion. “I’m not really religious, dogma-wise. [What I find interesting about Judaism] is the debate that goes on. There’s something healthy about that. I’ve always had, maybe not an attraction to the religion, but to the mind-set.”

    John Turturro Hobbies

    John spends most of his time working, be it acting or on other projects, having worked already as a director and a writer.

    John Turturro Political Views

    Turturro seems to be a Democrat, as he’s made positive comments about both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. “I think it’s very interesting that [Barack Obama] wants to surround himself with people who are strong and good [referring to Obama possibly offering Clinton the Secretary of State in 2008]. I know it will be very hard for him, but he is the only candidate I have ever campaigned for. He’s a smart guy. He’ll make his mistakes, but he’ll be able to bring both sides to the table.”

    Who is he dating?

    Turturro’s been marired to actress Katherine Borowitz since 1985. They had two kids together, Amedeo and Diego.

    Random Facts

    John is the actor who’s been in most Spike Lee’s movies, with a total of nine, starting with Do the Right Thing, their first collaboration all the way back in 1989.