• Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Last updated: October 19, 2016

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an American actor and filmmaker. He wast born in Los Angeles, California. Gordon is well known for his role in Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film, Inception. He then worked again with Mr. Nolan in the critically acclaimed film The Dark Knight Rises (2012). For Gordon’s role in the film, he received the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor. After these two famous movie showings, Gordon was able to land two leading roles in the films Premium Rush and Looper which both released in 2012. Another one of Gordon’s famous roles was in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nominated film Lincoln (2012).

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt hobbies political views religion

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Religion

    Gordon is from a Jewish family that does not describe themselves as being very religious. Gordon’s parents were also among the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance which was founded in 1999.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Political Views

    Gordon politically is a very active liberal. While in college, Gordon donated donated $1,400 to the Green party. Since then he has donated to the Democratic party, which included Barack Obama during the primary and general election in 2008.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hobbies

    He enjoys directing and producing short independent films. One of Gordon’s first films he directed was a 24 minute minute long film called Sparks. This film starred Carla Gugino and Eric Stoltz and was put into the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in a new category for short films. Gordon was also one of the many producers in the Broadway show Slava’s Snowshow.

    Who is he dating?

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt got married Tasha McCauley in December 2014. They then had their first born in August 2015.

    Interesting Fact

    Gordon identifies himself as a feminist in which he quotes his mother “My mom brought me up to be a feminist. She was active in the movement in the ’60s and ’70s. The Hollywood movie industry has come a long way since its past. It certainly has a bad history of sexism, but it ain’t all the way yet.”


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