• Ken Jeong

    Last updated: December 2, 2016

    Ken Jeong or Dr. Ken Jeong is a Korean American Comedian, actor, and doctor. He is well known for his role as Leslie Chow in The Hangover and in the show Community. He additionally showed up in the 2008 parody Pineapple Express, which was the 2011 Blockbuster. In 2016 he also took part in the drama Dark of the Moon and the satire movie Duff. He also plays the role of a teacher in the TV series Community. Not only is he a talented actor and comedian but he is also a creator, producer and writer.

    Ken Jeong hobbies religion politically views

    Ken Jeong Religion

    Dr. Ken Jeong isn’t very religious and hasn’t talked much about it. Some rumors have said he is Agnostic, but even that seems to be a stretch. He comes from Detroit which demographically is not very religious.

    Ken Jeong Hobbies

    Some of his hobbies include playing the violin, drinking beer and wine, and of course, he loves coffee. Even though he use to be a Doctor, he really loves comedy and says that’s what helped him get through med school.

    Ken Jeong Political Views

    He appears to be a Democrat as he has showed support for/helped the Democratic National Convention. He has mocked Donald Trump before, the Republican nominee before, and seems to be liberal on social issues.

    Who is he dating?

    Dr. Ken Jeong is married to Tran Ho. She is a Vietnamese American, physician, and is a survivor of breast cancer. His wife encouraged him to leave his job as a physician to pursue his career of acting.

    Interesting Facts

    He is the father of twin daughters (born 2008). When he was younger he performed at the Laugh Factory in West Los Angeles. As mentioned before, he is actually a doctor in real life. He went to school at Duke University, then went to medical school at the University of North Carolina.


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