• Kevin Durant

    Last updated: June 13, 2017

    Kevin Durant is a professional athlete who has become a household name in the US. He plays for the pro basketball team, Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA. He played one year at the University of Texas and was the first freshman to ever be named the Naismith College Player of the Year. After his freshman year he entered the NBA Draft in 2007. Durant was the second overall draft pick, selected by the Seattle Super Sonics. The team later relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. Kevin has won numerous awards in the league such as MVP, four scoring titles, Rookie of the Year, an Olympic Gold Medal, and seven All-Star appearances.

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    Kevin Durant Religion

    Kevin Durant is a Christian, however he doesn’t seem to be too devoted to the Christian lifestyle. His ex-fiancée mentioned in an interview that Kevin and her were heading in different directions in terms of religion. She pointed to KD as not being able to make the sacrifice needed to accommodate her lifestyle.

    Kevin Durant Political Views

    He met Barack Obama and seemed to admire the President, however it is uncertain what his political views are. It is believed that he is a Democrat due to the hardships his mother went through as a single mother to raise him and his siblings. He was also offered a political position on Oklahoma Governor Mary Tiller’s Cabinet because he was considering signing with a new team when he was a free agent.

    Kevin Durant Hobbies

    He loves playing video games and his favorite food to eat is crab. He also enjoys making people feel better when they get sad. So don’t let his size fool you, he can be a real teddy bear.


    Born September 29, 1988, Kevin is a Libra.

    Random Fact

    When Kevin first entered the NBA he signed a $60 million contract with Nike. He turned down a bigger offer from Adidas because he had worn Nikes since he was a kid.

    Who is Kevin Dating?

    He split with WNBA point guard, Monica Wright, and is now dating singer/actress, Crystal Renee.

    Famous Quote

    Kevin Durant’s 2014 MVP speech had an emotional moment where he told his mom she was, “…the real MVP.” This became an internet sensation as somebody put this quote as a caption underneath a picture of a teary-eyed Durant, creating a legendary meme that will be quoted for years. Whether it’s ethical or not to continue using this quote, people are definitely going to. “U da real MVP” has become a modified version of the quote and is also appearing in a lot of memes. Durant wasn’t too happy about the meme, but there’s not much he can do now.

    Beliefs on Gay Rights

    Kevin stated this about NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay, “Nobody has the right to judge.”

    Net Worth

    Approximately $80 million