• Kevin O’Leary

    Last updated: January 19, 2017

    Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian television personality, businessman, and investor. He is the co-founder of SoftKey (a CD-Rom and Software company) and O’Leary funds, as well as being the Chairman of O’ Leary funds. He is well known for his role on ABC’s television show, Shark Tank.

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    Kevin O’Leary Religion

    He doesn’t speak much about his religion but there has been talk of some sort of Jewish heritage. His father and mother were Irish and Lebanese respectively. His mother was Christian, and was buried at St.George Antiochian Orthodox Church.

    Kevin O’Leary Hobbies

    Since being a teenager, Kevin has had a passion for photography. Photography was one of his favorite hobbies. He also is a big fan of wine and has quite the collection. Since a young child, his step-father brought his mind into the world of Fine Wines, by taking him on trips to breweries and teaching him about it. Today, he uses it to make money, by investing in wine futures. He’s also a hobby guitarist and has invested in a company that helps people play the guitar.

    Kevin O’Leary Political Views

    Kevin is a strong conservative, having expressed interest of wanting to run for Canada’s Conservative Party’s leadership. As of January 2017, he has said that he will be running in the 2019 elections. He claims that the United States of America’s political candidate, Donald Trump, has inspired him. Kevin has also claimed that the Liberal party will fall, and he ended up joining Canada’s Conservative Party a bit before the 2016 Convention of the Conservative Party.

    Who is he dating?

    Kevin has been married to Linda O’Leary since 1990 and has had 2 kids: Trevor and Savannah. Trevor is a DJ and music producer.

    Random Facts

    On Lake Joseph in Muskoka, Ontario, O’Leary has a cottage where he visits in the summer. Both him and his brother graduated from the University of Western Ontario.